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Gardens and Commissions

House signs, animals and dragons

Dragons with initials

Guarding the garden

Designed for a customer who wanted a heraldic style lintel for a folly in their garden. They wanted their initials and dragons and this is the design I created.

I am always happy to discuss designs based on heraldic devices.

Squirrels in Love

Kissing in the oak leaves

The customers wanted a design for their wooded garden featuring their resident red squirrels. Here they are stealing a kiss among the oak leaves.

Never Forgotten

A Welcoming Elephant

The customer is very fond of visiting Africa and wanted a welcoming elephant for their front door step. I carved them this elephant who can hold a little flower.

Bee Dance

Pollination Pirouette

Bees are a popular subject for commissions. These four bees are having a little dance in their hive between flights to collect pollen.

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