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Wedding Stones

Based on a romantic Scottish tradition dating back to the 15th century when couples would record their love on lintel stones for their house incorporating initials, dates and hearts

Stones are 10" x 14" x 3" (portrait or landscape) - but can be up to 10" x 24" x 3". Prices start from £250. Contact me to discuss your commission - 07873383547 (leave a message) or email

Tree of Life

Fox on guard

This stone was designed for a client who wanted a Tree of Life with a fox incorporated with the date of the wedding and the initials of the happy couple. They were delighted by the result

Moorland Birds and Bluebells

A celebration of Place

The customer wanted a lapwing, curlew and bluebells design created to celebrate the environment where the happy couple live and work


Tulips and Thistles

Two nations united

This stone was carved for a couple - one Dutch one Scots - who met and fell in love. Represented by the flowers of their countries

Carving and Painting

This stone was carved for a couple who met through their interest in the arts. Their children's first initials are incorporated in the thistles

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